How to melt White Chocolate Chips

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I love cooking. And like just like you, I am not a professional chef either. I am an amateur home cook with a passion for food. Both eating and preparing. One of the things I really love to do is melt chocolate. It is super easy to do! In this knowledge base article I will answer the question: how to melt white chocolate chips.

Melting White Chocolate

When you are planning to bake something, it may happen that you need chocolate. Most of the time you need the chocolate in the melted form. You get melted chocolate by heating the chocolate chips. The question in this article is how you can best melt these chocolate chips.

Some examples of dishes where need melted chocolate are:

Above are examples of melted dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. The ways for melting both chocolate types are the same.

white chocolate chips melting

Methods for melting White Chocolate 

To melt chocolate chips I recommend two ways:

  1. Au Bain Marie
  2. Microwave

In theory you could also melt the chocolate chips direct in a saucepan. However, I do not recommend this way. After all, you don’t want to burn the chocolate. With the above methods, that chance is almost non-existent. Below I will further explain both methods.

Au Bain Marie

Au Bain Marie is intended to raise or lower the temperature of dishes. Place a bowl filled with chocolate in a saucepan filled with warm water. You put the gas or your induction place on medium heat. The water will be heated slowly and the bowl will get warmer, causing the chocolate chips to melt. You keep stirring until you see that all the chocolate has melted. Then remove the bowl from the saucepan. The necessities for this method are:

  • Bowl that can withstand heat
  • Saucepan
  • Spatula


The second method you can use to melt white chocolate chips is to use a microwave. If you have an oven with a microwave setting, it is of course also good. I don’t use this method very often, but it is also quite simple. You take a bowl and fill it with white chocolate chips. Then turn on the microwave and make sure that you stir in the bowl in between. A small advice: do not set the wattage too high. I personally like it a bit better if you take it longer than if your chocolate gets too hot. When all the white chocolate chips has melted, you can use the chocolate for your dish. The necessities for this method are:

  • Bowl that can withstand heat
  • Microwave or oven with microwave setting
  • Spoon

If you have questions about these methods or you have another method, let me know!

elting White Chocolate Chips

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions:

Which methods are there for melting White Chocolate Chips?
I recommend to use two methods: au bain marie or the microwave.

What do i need for melting the chocolate?
You need the following things: White chocolate of course. If you choose for the first option: bowl, saucepan and spatula. For the second option you need a bowl, microwave or oven with microwave setting and a spoon.

How long does it take for the chocolate to melt?
It takes between the 10 and 15 minutes with the au bain marie method. In the microwave it takes between the 2 and 3 minutes. Make sure to stir ever 30 seconds.

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