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Anyone can bake cookies and cakes. There are so many great recipes online for you to try. Ultimately, there is always a chance that a recipe will fail, especially for cakes. To learn from that, you just need to try it again. One of the most important things of a cake is the moist. You see this amazing cake recipes with the most moistest texture. To get this done I use Buttermilk. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to make Buttermilk.


What is the Definition of Buttermilk

The meaning of Buttermilk is:

”Buttermilk is a fermented drink that they use in warm countries, as uncooled fresh milk quickly turns sour. You can use it for baking (raising agent) and cooking. This makes the food tender and retains moisture”.


Buttermilk is a fermented drink, back in the days a by-product. This product is liquid left over from churning butter from cultured or fermented cream. You can use many ways to separate the butter from the liquid. One of the two ways are shaking or placing the butter in a horizontal or standing barrel. The barrel starts rotating with speed. This keeps the butter on the barrel. The liquid that remains is buttermilk. In the factories, skimmed milk is combined with lactic acid bacteria. This makes the sugar in the skimmed milk sour. Due the chemical process, the milk becomes sour.

Popular in Middle East

The milk is mainly drinked in the summer, on the hot days. The drink is popular in many different recipes worldwide. Americans use it for pancakes, but you can use it for chocolate cakes or cookies. In Belgium they use the drink with potatoes and soft boiled eggs with butter and onions. The milk is most popular in the Middle East. The countries use the drink in many side dishes and serve the milk ice cold. This is mainly the case in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Arab countries.


Different variations

The milk has three variations:

  • Traditional 
  • Cultured 
  • Acidified 

We have already discussed the traditional butter milk. Cultured Buttermilk had his introducing in America around 1920. The fermentation process makes this milk thicker than normal milk. Condensed and dried buttermilk are important to the food industry. Liquid buttermilk is used in pastries and cheese, but also to make fried chicken. You will find solid buttermilk in ice cream and pancakes. The third option is acidified buttermilk. Something sour is added to the milk. This can be vinegar or lemon juice. 


Ingredients Buttermilk

To make Buttermilk you need the following ingredients: Milk and Lemon Juice or Vinegar.

Milk: The best thing you can use all sorts of milk.
Lemon Juice or vinegar: In this case you have two options. A fresh lemon or Vinegar for example White Vinegar.

If you have a fresh lemon in house, you can use it instead of going to the store to buy vinegar. You can find the recipe below.


how to make buttermilk


Buttermilk is really easy to make. It will takes 10 minutes of your time. You can drink the buttermilk ice cold or use it in different recipes like Fried Chicken, Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Cookies. Enjoy!
5 van 1 stem
Voorbereidingstijd 10 minuten
Totale tijd 10 minuten
Gang Drinks
Keuken American
Porties 2 Persons
calorieën 70 kcal


  • Measuring cup
  • Spoon


  • 225 ml Milk
  • 15 ml White Vinegar (or Fresh Lemon Juice)


  • Take a measuring cup and start to add the white vinegar (25 ml) or the fresh squished lemon juice.
  • Add the 225 ml milk in the measuring cup
  • Start with stir the mixture.
  • Set the mixture aside for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes you can use the buttermilk!


Calories: 70kcalCarbohydrates: 5gProtein: 4gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 11mgSodium: 49mgPotassium: 149mgSugar: 6gVitamin A: 182IUCalcium: 127mg
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FAQ Buttermilk

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions:

What is Buttermilk?

The name says it all: cookies with chopped chocolate pieces.

What do you prefer White Vinegar or Squished Lemon Juice?

My advice is to use White Vinegar. If you have not White Vinegar you can use the fresh lemon juice. 

Can I put the milk in the fridge?

Yes this is possible.



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