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My website is based on recipes. Nevertheless, in addition to the recipes, I also want to share more information about certain dishes. I know that you as a reader, that appreciates. Information dissemination is the key when it comes to making food. You need to know what a certain ingredient does in a dish. In addition, I can understand that it is often overwhelming. How often have you walked into a supermarket and see an endless number of products with the same name. One packaging is even more beautiful than the other. The prices also vary. Which one should you choose after all? I have received a lot of questions about fresh cream. In this article, we’ll take a closer look on what is fresh cream.


What is the definition of Fresh Cream

The meaning of Fresh Cream is:

”Fresh cream consists of milk fat and other cow’s milk components. The fat percentage must be at least 25%. You can use the fresh cream for thickening dishes like soup or take the sharp edges of food taste”.


Fresh Cream for cooking

You can also use cream for cooking. You may have ordered a tomato soup and see a white substance floating on the top of the tomato soup. Besides it’s looks amazing, it also gives the dish more flavor. The creamy taste completes the dish.┬áIn cookbooks it is often said about cream: the fatter the better. When the cream is greasier, you prevent separation. If you choose to use a low fat content, the particles may float at the top. This could be in the case of soup.

To explain which cream is best to use, I will first explain which cream choices you have. Below I will explain them further. The cream choices are:

  • Fresh Cream
  • Whipping Cream
  • Heavy Cream


Fresh Cream

Fresh cream is the first in the list that I will treat. It has the lowest fat percentage of the 3, namely 25%. It is used in different ways:
– Taste change
– Mouthfeel
– Against burning

It is important to mention that you can never whip up fresh cream. The percentage of fat is too low for this. In addition, you cannot use it to decorate cupcakes or cookies. For this you need cream which is fatter and stiffer.

Taste change

You can therefore use the cream to change the taste. It can take the sharp edges off the food. Examples could be too spicy garlic sauce, peppery sauce, too much mustard. Adding cream corrects these errors. In addition, it gives you the next step in your home cooking career, since after this article you will know how to use it exactly!


The word actually says enough. When you order tomato soup with cream, you feel the difference. The cream is so much softer than the tomato soup and gives you the ultimate taste experience. You can therefore use it as a sauce. Examples are: a mushroom cream sauce or a cheese cream sauce.

Against burning

The first thing that comes to mind when trying something new with cooking food is: it shouldn’t burn. If there is no flavor to your food, you can add this flavor later. You can start all over again by having your food burned. In addition, it is also amateurish, but I will tell you it can happen to anyone. Make sure you don’t get the gas too high and that you stick to your food. It often happens when the fire is too high and / or you are busy with several things at the same time.

Cream can help you against burning. When your food is burning a bit on the pan, you can add cream. This will release it, but also add the tasty brown layer to your food (brown is something different than Black) It gives you more flavor and it is also an emergency card if your food is at risk of burning.


Fresh cream for cooking


Whipping Cream

What is Whipping cream. You can get it from a spray bottle, a container or you can make it yourself. Again, there are so many different brands that offer it in the supermarket. Still, making it yourself is the best and tastiest. It has a fat percentage that is between 30% and 35%. Heavy cream and whipping cream are often mixed up. I will come back to this later. So you can whip up whipped cream yourself. It is important that you don’t do this for too long. It can become too stiff or lumpy.

If this is happening, you can start again. You can use whipped cream on coffee, cakes, cupcakes, waffles, etc. It is light and can taste sweet depending on the amount of sugar you add. If you want to make whipped cream yourself, you will have to be patient. A kitchen machine can is the best assistant for this. If the whipping cream is to ”soft”, almost watery, let it whisk on medium speed for a few more minutes! That needs to fix it!


what is whipping cream


Heavy Cream

The last cream I’m going to cover is heavy cream. This is also the cream with the highest fat content. The fat content of the cream is above 36%. Confusion can arise between whipped cream and heavy cream, as you can whip both up and use it for decoration. The difference between whipped cream and heavy cream is that heavy cream keeps its shape much longer. Whipped cream becomes weaker faster. If you want to make ice cream or decorate cakes, it is best to use heavy cream. For example, if you want to decorate waffles and are going to eat them quickly, whipped cream will suffice.


Fresh Cream vs Whipping Cream

The next question I have got a lot: what is the difference between Fresh Cream and Whipping Cream. After reading the article you already know. A short recap below.

Fresh cream has a fat percentage of 25%. Whipping cream around 30% – 35%. The first difference is made. Whipping cream is fatter. The second difference is how you use the cream. Fresh cream is added to food to make a sauce or to change the taste of a dish. For example a tomato soup with fresh cream. Whipping cream is used to decorate cupcakes, cookies or to add in coffee. The third difference between whipping cream is that you cant whip up fresh cream.


Fresh Cream vs Heavy Cream

Like I mentioned above: fresh cream has a fat percentage of 25%. Heavy cream around 36% and above. That is the first difference. The second difference is the way you can use it. Fresh cream is added to food. You can use heavy cream for decoration, because it keeps its shape much longer. The third difference is the same as fresh cream vs whipping cream. You can whip up heavy cream, but for fresh cream this is not possible.


FAQ Fresh Cream

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions:

What is Fresh Cream?
Fresh cream consists of milk fat and other cow’s milk components. The fat percentage must be at least 25%. You can use the fresh cream for thickening dishes like soup or take the sharp edges of food taste.

What is the fat percentage?
The fat percentage needs to be 25%

When do I use this cream?
You can use this cream for soup, pasta sauce or to use when food has a really strong taste. Adding the cream will neutralize sharp flavors.


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