How to rinse Quinoa

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What is the definition of Quinoa

The meaning of Quinoa is:

”Quinoa is a flowering plant that is growing in the Andes area. The seeds of the plant are rich of proteins and nutritional minerals. It’s also known as a super food”.

What is Quinoa

Before we go into rinsing out quinoa, it’s helpful to have more background information about quinoa first. Quinoa, speaking it as Kinwa or kinuwa, is a flowering plant. The plant is grown for its seeds. These seeds are therefore edible, but also rich in proteins, dietary fiber, vitamin B and nutritional minerals. This plant is from South America and was eaten years ago by the South America population. It was also food for the the cattle.

This plant has become popular in recent years as it is seen as a ”super food”. That is not surprising when you look at what the seeds contain. Where in the past the plant only occurred in South America (Andean region), it is currently grown in more than 70 countries. This is a result of its popularity. The plant is now also grown in countries in Europe, the United States and even Africa. Due to its popularity, the price on the product has risen. Prices have almost tripled in 7 years time.

how to rinse quinoa


Popularity Quinoa

Quinoa has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. This was also reflected in the price of the product. The price increase took place between 2006 and 2017. However, this price benefited the local farmers. Still, the growth in consumption is not good for everything. Due to its popularity, much more is cultivated, resulting in unsustainable agriculture. The demand for quinoa is often mentioned in the same breath as an increase in people who become vegetarian. Another explanation could be that people are more aware of their diet. I don’t eat quinoa that often myself, but when you do often need to rinse it.

Rinsing Quinoa

Quinoa has a nutty flavor of its own. Like grains, many different types and colors are available. For example, the seeds can be red and black, but also brown and yellow. You can also buy them popped or pre-cooked. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, you can add quinoa to your shopping list. It is gluten-free.

If you buy quinoa that is not precooked at the supermarket or specialty store, you will have to wash the seeds first. The seeds have a bitter coating. If you don’t remove this layer, you will notice that quinoa is super bitter. In addition, it is also not conducive to the dish you are going to make.

To remove the bitter coating you will have to wash the seeds. You do this by rinsing with cold water. You have several options here. All options are listed below:

  • Strainer
  • Wire Sieve
  • Colander
  • French press

If you have other alternatives let me know!

Important when you have a strainer, wire sieve or colander is that the mesh holes are very fine. The quinoa must not be able to pass through the mesh. So to rinsing the quinoa you put it for example in the strainer. Put on the cold water and make a sieve movement with your hand. You can use your hand to make sure that every seed gets the water. It’s as simple as that!

To summarize briefly follow the steps below:

  1. Put the quinoa in the mesh strainer
  2. Put on the cold water
  3. Make a sieve movement with your hand
  4. Use your hand to make sure that the water will get to every seed
  5. Rinsing the quinoa is done!

FAQ How to Rinse Quinoa

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions:

What is Quinoa?
Quinoa is a flowering plant that is growing in the Andes area. The seeds of the plant are rich of proteins and nutritional minerals. It’s also known as a super food.

Which materials do I need for rinsing Quinoa?
To rinse quinoa you can use a strainer, wire sieve, colander or french press. Make sure the mesh holes are very fine


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